Maskenball im Schloss

Because Halloween isn’t as popular in Germany as it is in the UK, my friends and I weren’t expecting a big celebration this year. However, we were wrong. A special masquerade ball took place in Schloss Mannheim (the city’s palace and our main university building), allowing us to live out all our Gossip Girl fantasies.


Tickets only cost €10 which seemed incredibly cheap for a university ball, and it turned out to be so much fancier than we were expecting. It was in the part of the palace that’s usually kept under lock and key, with all lessons taking part in other parts of the building, so getting so see inside was such a treat. It was so fancy and fun! The guests milling around in masks gave it an unmistakably Gothic vibe, but the playlist was a mash-up of pop hits in German and English, so we spent most of the night dancing.


The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was masked and merry (literally everyone, even the bar staff) and the whole evening was so romantic, it felt like we’d stepped into a film.

However, the masquerade ball was just one of the options available for students seeking spooky shenanigans. From a Halloween Stammtisch at Café L3 to a USA-style Halloween party thrown by American exchange students at Mannheim’s “party accommodation”, there were festivities all over the city.

680235d1-7b5c-43e7-94a7-79814d396682However, my favourite part of the whole day may have been helping my friends Alex and Duncan with their costumes for the American Halloween party. Thirty minutes in H&M and two Rewe baguettes later and voila, the best costumes of the night (or at least in my humble Francophilic opinion). I couldn’t upload a blog post without including a photo of les garçons.  

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