The Italian Job Part II: Burano and Murano

On my second day in Venice Sam took me island-hopping to the islands of Burano and Murano, which lie just off the city’s coast. We took a Vaporetto, Venice’s water bus, and sat outside on deck, giving us an amazing view of Venice and the treasures that lie around it.


If a rainbow were a place it would be Burano. With colourful houses lined up like crayons in a pack, it’s a real-life Balamory. Just like Venice City, the island is home to many canals, but it has a completely different vibe. With more open spaces and fewer tourists, it feels a lot calmer than the main island.  

It’s also home to a cute little square surrounded by bright shops and cafes. One of which is an adorable gelateria which had vegan offerings, including an amazing Bellini-flavoured ice cream. It was delicious.


On our way back to Venice City, we stopped off at another island, Murano, which is famous for its glass. I was hoping to see some Murano glass and I was not disappointed. Half the buildings on the island were Murano glass shops. From Dolphins to emojis, I saw a glass figurine of everything imaginable and even though it was only mid-November, there were even adorable little Murano glass Christmas tree decorations.

I was so pleased to have seen these islands, still part of the Venice-bubble but away from the touristic hustle and bustle of the main city. I’ll treasure the memories, and all the bright photos I took, forever.




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