Lovely Luxembourg

Eager to day-trip before our lessons start and tick another country off our wish-lists, my friend Aimee and I booked a trip to Luxembourg for our first week back in Mannheim.


With no specific plans in mind except an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, we set off at half six and arrived in Luxembourg City less than three hours later, giving us the whole day to explore the capital city of one Europe’s smallest countries.

It’s a petite place for a capital city so we managed to cover it all on foot, racking up almost 32 000 steps in the process. It’s one of those postcard-pretty cities and looked so well-kept and clean that it almost gleamed. Seemingly empty of other tourists and with very few Luxembourgers wandering the streets, it felt as though we had the whole city to ourselves which was just dreamy.

Full of war memorials and quirky statues, there’s something interesting hiding in every corner of the city. It may have been unclear what some of them represent, but that didn’t stop us enjoying them; our favourite was this circle of folk-dancing statues.

The Luxembourg flag is also omnipresent, flying proudly around the city, and its colours can be spotted everywhere – even one of the city’s bridges seemed to feature baby blue, red, and white lights in homage to it. Including rainbow buses to Tesla police cars, every form of transport in Luxembourg is also cool.

Some of the views we saw were stunning, the best of which was found when we followed the Chemin de la Corniche, a path that led us to a balcony overlooking toy-like houses, churches, and a beautiful lake. It was like a painting.


For lunch we went to an all-vegan Indian restaurant called Nirvana which offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet every day from midday until two o’clock. It was my first ever vegan all-you-can-eat buffet and it was the dream. With fluffy white rice and five different types of vegan curries, it was delicious and the perfect fuel for the rest of our day walking across the city. They also had the best onion bhajis I’d ever tasted.

In the afternoon we passed a couple of hours in the Luxembourg Museum, which is free once you’ve flashed your student card. It’s a spacious and modern museum, with each floor featuring artifacts and photos from a different era of Luxembourg’s history, including its role in the world wars and the establishment of the European Union. I’m not usually a huge fan of museums but this one was an exception. It was super interesting and a great place to wander, it followed the Luxembourg trend of being deserted; we were the only visitors there. Before the trip, I knew very little about Luxembourg, but when we left the museum, Aimee and I felt like experts.

For a treat before exploring the last part of the city, we popped into an adorable cupcakerie called Kathy’s Cupcakes which had a rainbow array of cupcakes in dozens of flavours. I had chocolate and coconut and Aimee chose cookies and cream. Both were delicious and so pretty. To make the deal even sweeter, they were buy-one-get-one-free. Who said Luxembourg was expensive?

The final stop on our tour was the European Court of Justice, which is the supreme court of the European Union. The flag of every EU country is displayed outside and the building itself is massive and made of glass, making it well worth the trek. We walked back to the station as it was getting dark, and although we got slightly disorientated and crossed the same bridge four times, it was so nice to see Luxembourg at dusk.

It was a lovely end to the loveliest day. I’m so glad Aimee suggested a Luxembourgish adventure.


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