Munich Loves You

One of the cities at the top of my second semester travel wish list was Munich, or München as it’s known in German. It’s only three hours from Mannheim via train so Alex, Reuben, and I went for a big day out there in the first week of the Easter holidays. It’s such a beautiful city and a total German wonderland.  

As soon as we left Munich’s massive train station, everything was old and pretty and luckily we were blessed with perfect weather.

Our first stop was Marienplatz, the city’s most famous square. It’s home to so many beautiful buildings and constructions including two Rathauses and the Mariensäule column.  

After the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi in Venice and the Kölntriangle in Cologne, I’ve come to realise that going to the top of big monuments is the best thing to do in new cities. Luckily student tickets to climb the Neues Rathaus were just 3€. It was one of my favourite parts of the day; we were so high up and could get a glimpse of the whole city, it was breath-taking.

The Neues Rathaus is also beautiful from ground-level and has some random lion statues which we really enjoyed. 

We had lunch in a restaurant called Gaststatte Nurnberger Bratwurst Glockl am Dom which is located just behind Marienplatz. With waiters and waitresses in Lederhosen and Dirndls and a menu of sausages and beer, it was the most German thing ever and I loved it, even if the only thing I could eat were Bretzels.

Lunch 1

The souvenir shops were also great, definitely some of the cutest I’ve ever been to. With steins as far as the eye could see as well as overpriced German snow globes, clothes, fridge magnets, postcards, and keyrings, they had everything a Munich tourist could ask for. Randomly, they even had Greek and Turkish flags.

Being in Munich, we obviously had to visit the Hofbrauhaus, a famous brewery founded in 1589 and owned by the Bavarian state government. I stuck to orange juice so can’t comment on the beer, but I really enjoyed the German atmosphere and I loved taking photos of my sweet boys with their steins.

After the Hofbrauhaus, we headed to the Englischer Garten, a public park in the centre of the city which spans 910 acres. It was stunningly green in the sunshine and had so many interesting things to discover. The coolest part was probably the Eisbach, a fast-flowing stream where people surf. It was such an unexpected sight in the middle of a park in Germany, we sat on the grass and just watched them for a while.

I also loved the Chinesischer Turm, a beautiful Chinese tower. I have since found out that it was designed by somebody from Mannheim, making me love it even more.


Before heading back to the Hauptbahnhof, we went for a wander around the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich buildings. It was so nice to walk through Munich’s beautiful streets and I must admit that the uni looked very nice, even if it doesn’t quite compare to the Mannheimer Schloss.

We got back to Mannheim at midnight, after a long and lovely day in Munich. It was such a beautiful place; I’d definitely love to go back someday and discover even more of it.

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